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Sales leader with over a decade of proven success in driving ​revenue growth as a top performer at industry-leading firms ​such as Cloudflare, Google, WP Engine, and Alien​V​ault.

Michael Cummins

Founder, CEO, Sell SaaS B2b

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Key Results

Closed >20M ARR in IC roles prior to leadership

“Presidents Club” regular attendee

VP WorldWide Sales/Pre-Series-A/SaaS, Fintech

Doubled (2X!) IC productivity and revenue contribution, transformed company culture. Re-wrote sales playbook+customer journey from the ground up.

Director of Sales/Pre-Series-A/SaaS, AppSec

Y-Combinator backed, oversaw budget, scaled/hired sales team, assisted in product-market fit, built sales playbook from scratch, built out tech-stack, closed largest customer ever.

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Customer Development/Pre+Post IPO/SAas, AppSec

Scaled office from 5 to 1000 employees for all go-to-market ​functions while achieving top 3% of booking by rep. Created ​playbook and trained every sales new-hire from IC to SVP. ​Converted multiple cold-outbounds to 7-figure clients.

Ent Sales Team Lead/Post SEries-D/SaaS, Appsec+PaaS

Top salesperson worldwide 3x achievement

Presidents Club - 3x SE voted “easiest to work with AE”

Ent Sales Team Lead/Post Series-A/SaaS, Appsec

Top salesperson “Inner Circle” achievement, Presidents Club

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“What makes us stand out?”

Our strategic,

customized, proven, and

results-driven approach

Allow us to supercharge your bottom-line with proven strategies ​implemented at elite SaaS companies targeting the entire ​spectrum of size and industry.

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Sales Training

Certified in Sandler, ​MEDDPICC, ​Challenger, DISC, + ​more.

Adopt the right ​methodology for ​your UVP.

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Target Market + ​Competitive ​Analysis

Identify exactly ​where your buyers ​are, how to target ​them, and how to ​position against your ​competition.

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Go-To-Market ​Done For You

Create and/or ​optimize playbooks, ​copy, scripts,

and pitches, as well ​as define, implement, ​and optimize ​conversions across ​the entire sales ​cycle.

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Strategic Advising

I can custom tailor a ​package to fit your ​revenue generating ​needs on topics ​such as retention, ​upsells, budget, tech ​stack, tracking data, ​hiring, firing, and ​compliance.

Our Services

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